Days Gone Slow

29 May

Mama tell me your stories—that float on the wind

Of the days—when love could mend.

I fear this world—new in its speed

Pulling us along at a pace we don’t need.


I want days of time gone slow

Hot summer wind—where dandelions blow.

You’d carry me home—knees skinned and bruised

A kiss is all I needed—to heal my wounds.


Yes, to leave our past alone

Is one bit of advice—worthy of stone.

Baggage—fears & resentment and the like

Leave the small stuff—and love your given life.


I can’t imagine life without love,

A kind smile, a hug—it’s all from above!

A gift to treasure—a seed to grow.

Tell me mama—its time I know-


What did you see me, that very first time?

The moment of discovery—did you see a sign?

The instant I passed through—I knew

This life so beautiful—was because of you.


Now I see the beauty in thee

As I look into my child’s eyes

And see— you and me


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