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DNE (Do Not Engage)

27 Jun


I have had to lay you asleep.

Cold moments brush by me, no more.

I still hear your keys in the hallway.

They jingle and send shivers up my spine.

You will always do that, I am afraid.


No more lip sucking moments sending

my consciousness into fear.

Yet, I hear you swish down the hallway

in your ever so homely field pants

and my mind tells me to be on guard.


One referred to you as a Nazi.

It was a dream he had.

He saw you with the red uniform,

Your bob haircut and the stale

coldness that is ever so present in your eyes.


Yet, I have seen kindness in you.

It sneaks out every so often.

I am always reminded however,

That with you I must continue caution.

Ruthless and unforgiving—sends your message loud and clear.


We are nothing but numbers.

Voids in your grand scheme of science.

Yet without us, your career would lack support.

As you step upon our heads

you stand tall among the many that surround you.


I have no wish to be anything like you.

I have no desire to leave a legacy such as yours.

You have however, taught me many lessons.

Most I will take with me all the days of my life.

Mostly, of what not to do, to be or to say.


So, thank you.

I’m on my way…





18 Jun

Know that we are still One within,

neither here nor there, but everywhere.


This world of form, how it crazes the sane

and encompasses the weak, only to make

one form, not of The One.


Do not mistake–we are not separate.

We just think we are.

I am you, as you are me.

It is not necessary for you

to surround me, to know that

I am real.


Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the Peace of God.



Tao #1

17 Jun

The golden rays of sun
can only tell the ripening wheat
of the great harvest soon to come.
His wisdom–he imparts.

Yet, only after experiencing
the patience of summer,
can the seed understand
the wisdom of the sun

As its seed ripens to its full harvest.

Let’s Dance

17 Jun

My heart saw you today–all over the place.
It would drop past my knees, and at the moment
I leaned over to pick it up–I realized their
was nothing left of me to pick it up with.

I have become…all over.
Everywhere, a river–how
it flows through Earth’s veins
I too, flow through.

You: walking the planet
Me: Feeling your vibration
as it fills my insides.
I allow…

If you find pieces of me,
know that it is okay.
Like spring water, I mix
with the rich soil of your soul.

Together we weave a beautiful web
Just as Light gathers as the dew hangs its wings.
A gift from The Old One: You.
I leave my form behind, and meet you in the ether.

Let’s Dance…