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Catastrophic Proportions

30 Nov

“I have told you of earthly things,” he said.
We don’t want to know of earthly things, we reply.
We already know too much of that.
“If you don’t believe what I say of earthly things,
why would you believe what I say of heavenly
things?” he questioned.
We are living examples of failed flesh and bone.
God’s disappointing experiment.
A tremendous loss
of catastrophic proportion.
We want the second chance that heaven promises.
“All are welcome, who come through me,” he reminded.
We were made in his image.
A piece of perfection—of the whole.
Just as you were, we reply.
“I died for you.”
You are pleading now-
You had no choice but to die, we reply.
He hung his head.

“You are not a loss-
a misunderstanding.
or a living example of failed flesh and bone.
You just lost your way, forgot your God.”

A man walks into the temple, white robes flowing and colorful sashes round his neck.
He wears a tall pointy hat, and walks with a staff.
He is our representative to God.
He is our counsel.
He does not know our names.
He does not know our troubles.
He does not have sex.

He does not marry~yet he is qualified.

He is just a man.
We are to honor his knowingness.
We are to acknowledge his high place.
He does not know us by name.
He does not understand your death.
We have forsaken you.
Such a tremendous loss
Of catastrophic proportions.