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Soul Journey

17 Jul

Souls fly around us all the time. They coast on the wind as if waiting for their place to land. Maybe that’s how we begin…

I believe that as God exhales, our soul gently floats upon His breath. It falls gently, like a feather in a warm summer breeze. As it lands, it envelopes the senses, takes space—and at that moment—we have the option to begin or to move on.

Our earthly time is short in universal definition. We have much to learn with just the right amount of life energy to do it. We are equipped with the essential knowingness that is needed to fulfill our soul’s lessons. This means that this time is meant for spiritual focus, a quiet mind and a life that is free of insanity to hear His words during our soul journey.

Somewhere along the way, we discover what nature does best (this is God’s test). How it cleans its edges, clears its debris and minimizes its clutter. We begin to see purpose in this. We learn how to minimize our clutter, clean out our minds and remove our ego. Space which is occupied but has no purpose is wasted Godlight and energy. Though, through this purging comes wisdom. Perhaps enough to impart on those that surround us. Nonetheless, it is the wisdom gained of our life experience that lifts us back into the eternal abyss—as God inhales and brings us back home.



A Letter to Hafiz (my ethereal boyfriend) ©

23 Jan

Hello, intimate friend and great lover!

To you, this letter applies.

I must thank you, for your passionate escape into the wondrous element you lift me to!

How soft and pleasurable are your words, and how similar your intimate love of the Old One!

The music of your soul, vibrates throughout this form and I hear your heart within each stanza.

Poet to poet, our craft speaks universal and transpires all needless definition.

I envision your callused feet, dirty from sand and rock

standing in poets pose, wine in hand and beautiful words carried on the wind from your depths.

We dance and sing in merriment, and I am your Love…

Our words colored in form, paint The Mother with violets, soft grass, and sunshine…


Swing on my branches dear one, and together we will fly to our expanse

where our souls hover in Light bounding from star to star!

Fling wide my heart and sing my song…

For you breathe magnificence and magic into me!


How lovely are you, to have been in the world

so that I may “again” read your soul.

I shed the constant flavors of this world,

the ones not so tasty

with my tears of happiness and joy.

I thank you for this, my adventurer and wanderer…


For this woman, this heart and this soul fell for you

the moment her blue eyes fell upon your words…




Where I Keep my Heart ©

23 Jan

Alone in the cave I sit and feel the coolness of the sand beneath my fingers, staring out into the light so bright my eyes are blinded and hide from the thought of strangers. It’s safe in here, so dark and cold; out there so hot, bright, consuming and rare.

I lay my head back on the unforgiving sandstone, only to close my eyes and feel the burning heat from the tears streaming down my dirty face. Thoughts and images race across my mind, stained in memory of what used to be mine. I wrap my arms around my body in protection, so as my guts don’t fall out and show my destruction. Curling up into tiny form, I cry to The Beloved to help me weather this God awful storm. I feel the warmth of a soft fuzzy blanket, and know he is near as he wipes away the smeared and gooey makeup.

Fill me up I beg, with anything but this…this feeling of loneliness that is so fierce. I cannot carry it any longer I say, this body and this heart was not meant to work this way. He closes His eyes, and tries not to cry…as he cradles me in His arms and begins to sigh. Child He says, in the only way He does…it is life that is crazy…not us. I have hurt to see you cry, know my beloved…she was not meant to die. I do not assist in decisions you all make, but sit back and watch, smile and yes sometimes cry and wait. All I can do, is hope you come home to me, but know dear child it is you and only you, who change who and what you’ll be.

As I lie there in His arms, tears streaming down His arm I remember the night so lost, scary and the last time I carried her in her form. She in my arms, so tiny and broken, my heart all over the ground, shattered, scattered and random. The life in her eyes, gone and nothing but fog as I hold her close one last time before I send her off. She lies there on the pavement, in shock but free as she heard mommy wailing “No, this can’t be!”

Now back to the present I sit here and wait, in this cold cave unforgiving and something I made. My heart is in it, all wrapped up tight. Waiting for the moment that it will be free, when it’s right. I don’t care what others say, I don’t care they don’t see. My little girl was everything, if not to all…to me. I see her face in every ray of sun, as I skip through the dandelions one by one. She dances with me each day I wake, in this world I create. I hear her bark, run and snore…as I take one breath at a time and move closer and closer.

Wait for me little one, someday we’ll meet. Its comforting knowing it’s you, I will greet! This time my love, it will be you I look up to and smile as the clouds behind me close…forever your mommy and if you allow me one more chance I will be there, arms out and ready to dance.