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3 Oct


You come to find me in the lost time of our souls. You forgot me there. I’m sitting in the dark now, waiting for you to find me. You are lost and you cannot find your way. You have found the maze. You are distorted and lost. You will not find me.

My heart bleeds because of you. My stones blood stained and warm. I am savage and slashed inside. My mind is lost and it is not right. I am crazy now. I have been lost too long. I am not the same woman. You must not find me now.

I am cold but my heart still bleeds hot blood on the earthen floor. My toes dirty from travel. My skin hard and tough. I have lost my softness. Life has been hard on me, and you have not been there to see it. You have been lost too long.

I have lost much of me. I look behind us and I see pieces of me stranded like pebbles on a beach. I am gaping wide and cannot hold myself in any longer. I am falling out all over the place. I must be kept better.

I must try now to gather myself up and become whole again. Please stay away from me.

The spirit Gods have found me now. Their chants I hear deep inside my mind. I can only hear their words. I must follow them. Their chant heals my wounds.

You must listen to my warrior words. I cannot stand your harm any longer. I have become a shield, crystal blue and bright. My laughter is its charm. I am stronger now. And I listen. It will not be the same. Change is God’s free gift. We have only to accept it.

Change is the gift that frees what binds us.


Soul Journey

17 Jul

Souls fly around us all the time. They coast on the wind as if waiting for their place to land. Maybe that’s how we begin…

I believe that as God exhales, our soul gently floats upon His breath. It falls gently, like a feather in a warm summer breeze. As it lands, it envelopes the senses, takes space—and at that moment—we have the option to begin or to move on.

Our earthly time is short in universal definition. We have much to learn with just the right amount of life energy to do it. We are equipped with the essential knowingness that is needed to fulfill our soul’s lessons. This means that this time is meant for spiritual focus, a quiet mind and a life that is free of insanity to hear His words during our soul journey.

Somewhere along the way, we discover what nature does best (this is God’s test). How it cleans its edges, clears its debris and minimizes its clutter. We begin to see purpose in this. We learn how to minimize our clutter, clean out our minds and remove our ego. Space which is occupied but has no purpose is wasted Godlight and energy. Though, through this purging comes wisdom. Perhaps enough to impart on those that surround us. Nonetheless, it is the wisdom gained of our life experience that lifts us back into the eternal abyss—as God inhales and brings us back home.