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Goodnight Letter ©

23 Jan

Sing through me angel of this night,

breathe through this body and pour me out.

I am not real, and you are not real

this form so temporary, make us dust now.


I see stars fly out from me, and see my beginning.

All that I am made of, pieces now flowing out from

my being that once made up my form, which

pleasured, loved and even at times scorned.


All the Light and energy that made up this earthly bliss

now shining in the dark sky, looking over you my darling.

I am with every dream, wish and tear.

I am my darling, forever your girl.


So on those clear nights, when you step out to breathe

look upon me my sweet, and I will be there

to send you back to sleep.

An angel we all are, and yours I am, to keep.


My love, don’t forget why we are here.

To love my darling, most importantly to share.

Connect Source with others, compassion…

forgiveness, patience and understanding of circumstance.


You will be with me again soon, my sweet, my love.

Until then my darling, I shine upon you in all the love

that creates both you and I.

Colors of gold, with hues of periwinkle and pink Light.


I love you





Elemental Prayer ©

23 Jan

Hello Mother, Sacred Ancestors

All four corners of my feet rest in your hands

My arms raised in prayer, open to receive!


Heavens open to me, my heart is ready and waiting!

Eyes closed, clouds moving above me…I am your sister

and know Creator, you are near.

My skin tingles and my belly flutters


Brother Wind blow through me, and take away my fears

Sing them away so that all is left are my tears.

I am open and ready, and these rooms inside my heart are filling

with the story of love, loss, grief and pure happiness that was meant to be.


I smell of sage and sweetgrass, and the heat of summer.

My hair sounds of wheat swaying in the wind as grasshoppers leap to their next meal.

I speak like the sound of the Mourning Dove and my haunting sound carries through the hills,

hear my call and know that I am real.


Coyote, come to my camp and sing me a story.

Your days wares, chases and tricks.

I always liked a good story, and you my friend always know how to make me laugh.


Bear spirit come join us, you know you are always wanted.

Just know that we are all welcome here, and meal you will not find.

Coyote was just about to tell a story, so sit and lets listen

If we are lucky, Sister Crow will join us also and a family we will be.


My sisters and brothers, elementals and Creator,

all here sitting with me, with the warmth of the fire

listening to each own story.

How interwoven we all are, and the knowingness that

all stories are the same.

We are all of the same web, the same line that created us.


My original form, the star…twinkles brightly from soul.

Noticed by others, who’ve shone as brightly in the sky as me.

We twinkle along in life, linking with others and shining brightly.

Four leggeds, two leggeds not that it matters

Once together, the bond is strong

and with this a band of light…

Streaming through this world of darkness and light…


We reach across the Earth, and grab hands

and the web of life continues…

The Tribe ©

23 Jan

Feel the beat of the forest sweet,

the pulse…Mother’s heart beat…

The primal dance we all seem to forget.

How to move with the forest, with the

individual tree, the song of the bird

the sparkle of the star…


The heat of the fire, the call of the wild.

The sound of us women wailing…dancing.

Breasts swinging, feet pounding…

eyes up to the sky, remembering our ancestors.


I’m hot, and sweaty and smell of woodsmoke and pitch.

I remember my roots, I AM my roots…

I dance with my sisters, we dance for you, the men.

You gather around us in a circle, the circle of creation.


You pound your drum, and you clap your hands

and we dance to your beat.

We chant, wail and hummm.

We prepare the Mother, our ash, our sweat..

Our song is Her song.


We paint our bodies

and give birth to the tribe.

YOU are my tribe….

Paint me love, with your color

your sweat and your song.


Take me to your firs

and lets create.

I dance your fire, and

moan your name…

The tribe in me, deep…I sing…






A Knowing ©

23 Jan

Feel the Mother beneath your feet

and starve her the drama of your tears

Shed them in reverence to her acceptance

say your prayers and leave it.

They flow among her waters and

nourish all with the sentiment of life

Forget your worries, for nothing as

grand as the worry of life lost.

No such thing as time, the universe breathes

in and out the life of your soul.

Fly your soul flag within the celestial winds

and pray that all within your life follow suit.

Kneel upon Her table, and look around you

Notice all beings within your space

Two leggeds, four leggeds, the winged ones

and those who spread their bodies within the soil and reach high in the sky.

Feel the spirit within them all,

and know the honor of living side by side

each breath and each day…all teachers great and small.

Accept your lessons one by one, re-member where you are from…

We are all the same Light…

Celestial Fire Dance ©

23 Jan

I feel the heat of the fire as my naked body dances

The cold air on my neck and back,

as my breasts, thighs and belly sweat

I hear your drum in the distance, playing my beat.

My dance to entice you, come to me…


I feel the raw cold of the earth beneath my feet as

I feel her energy rise within my body

creating my dance and singing my song.

I raise my hands to the stars and thank the Creator.


I move my body and sway back and forth

moving and bending like tall grass in the wind.

I feel the Creator within me, dancing His smile

and with Him inside me, I feel your presence.


Lay with me love, next to the celestial fire

and I will open for you.

I accept your gift, as you fill my well…

Our bodies the expression of the divine,

a vessel of God Himself…fill me and I will carry you with me.


Homecoming ©

23 Jan

In prostration, I watch my knees buckle beneath me as I reach out to catch my fall.

In prayer, my lips touch the cold marble as I bow my head to the Great Masters

One by one, they nod in agreement.

She’s gotta long way to go…

The Two Lovers ©

23 Jan

At the moment she sees his Light

it spreads its wings and says bye to night.

It envelops her as she opens her arms

to welcome his sweet romantic charm.

Her lover comes once again this morn,

just at the moment her heart feels concern.

He raises his brightness, and shines so bright

Melting away all her worry and fright.

The two lovers, bound together by force

a gravity one speaks of, but knows not the source.

One up and one down, no other understands

for the love these two share goes beyond the mind of man.

Their brilliance captured each day by some

unrealized by most living life on the run.

So wondrous true love is meant to be,

like the moon and the sun living wild and free!

Waves ©

23 Jan

Her heart, an ocean of secrets

Waves fall in and she hopes her

dreams not foolish.

Wading in the deep, waves…she weeps


Its dark, no light in site

only one who knows she’s here

is God and her fears, way down and deep

Thankful for this space, her pain finally sleeps

Pour Me Out Please ©

23 Jan

Lost in the depth of my own thoughts

crawling through the scene of my guts

They pour out from me, and yet I see nothing…


It is out…

The body knows… and when the time…

it goes…

it throws…

and does not yield to

the know or the many woes…

of this human experience.



say to me ©

23 Jan

it is  you

i love.




silly me.

sitting here

devouring  you.

knowing you are too

far away to even know

i’m sitting here… dreaming


i need you, you know. I miss you.

miss seeing your face, feeling your

hand caress this body, taking my soul

deep within yours and forgetting whose

is whose. i miss your laugh, i miss falling all

over you to catch its rays of light ever shining.


will you take me, take me into you far and deep?

will you hold my heart like you do my face in

our most intimate of moments and reassure

this is only temporary. this is not the way

of the universe but only our own illusion?

this space we feel today is only a

physical distance brought


on by the earth we tell

ourselves exists? will

you tell me again

that space and

time do not